Feb 28, 2001
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MCD (Irish concert promotors) have announced U2 at Slane Castle on August 25. Tickets for the 10 hour, one day music festival are priced

Feb 28, 2001
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BRIT AUDIO You’ll find U2′s

You’ll find U2′s performance and acceptance over at U2tours.com. Mp3s of the songs at U2wanderer.org.

Feb 28, 2001
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VAMPI-AH If you’ve listened to

If you’ve listened to Bono’s acceptance speech at the Brits you may have noticed him callling Chris Blackwell (founder of Island records) a ‘vampire’ in a Jamaican accent. In case you didn’t know… ‘Vampire’ is a song by the great Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry… who was convinced Blackwell was a bloodsucking fiend: “You know, that Chris Blackwell disgusts me, makes me want to vomit. He invited me to the opening of the Compass Point studio in Nassau and there I saw him drink the blood of a freshly killed chicken.” So now you know.

Feb 28, 2001
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The Nine Network’s 60 Minutes is running promos for the Bono story — aired recently on 60 Minutes II in the US — for this Sunday evening.

Feb 27, 2001
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U2LOGPAPER ….Not the toilet kind!

….Not the toilet kind!
You can already buy the merchandise. And now for a limited time only, for the obsessive U2log fan who must have everything, the all new and exclusive U2log.com wallpaper! In two exciting desktop sizes!
[800x600] , [1024x768]

Feb 26, 2001
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READER INPUT Yajur seems to

Yajur seems to have caught the U2log virus, he sent us this link to his handiwork.

Martin Kristiansen from Denmark reports: You can buy generel admission to the shows in Copenhagen at www.billetnet.dk but obviously not yet!

Feb 26, 2001
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MSN are showing live footage backstage at the Brits and boast “an utterly exclusive talk with U2″. Starts at 3 p.m. GMT. [ thanks Allard ]

More Brits at the official site. Cor, blimey.

Feb 26, 2001
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Bono blamed an airline’s lack of humidifiers for his dodgy Grammy voice. It’s not like he didn’t have a warning. It’s just that no one reads airline safety brochures any more.

Feb 24, 2001
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DVD’s CANCELLED We’ve read reports

We’ve read reports that Amazon has cancelled orders for the 2 DVDs that were set for release. Here’s their comment:
We are sorry to report that the releases of the following items have been cancelled:
U2(Primary Contributor) “Popmart”
U2(Primary Contributor) “Best of U2-1980-1990″
Though we had expected to be able to send these items to you, we’ve since found that they will not be released after all. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience we have caused you.

Feb 23, 2001
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The ticket ordering forms for the European Tour will be sent out WITH the latest issue of Propaganda , soon to arrive in your mailbox. If you’re a subscriber, of course. [ source: Cecilia/Propaganda, via U2Vlaanderen ]

Also, reader Flodd tells us: according to SKY magazine (the one you get for free when you subscribe to SKY TV in the UK) tickets for the UK Elevation tour go on sale on March 8th and if you have Sky Digital you can buy them online before the general release.

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