More drums in the mix

.. or I’ll drown myself, I swear. According to Dave Fanning (via U2 News) that’s Larry, ehm, walking to the water.

Interscope stream U2 single

In a desperate move (we speculate) to battle the MP3 monster, U2’s American distributors Interscope stream the full single from their website. U2 fans can start speculating over the subliminal message of this cover shot. Is Bono going solo?

It adds up

From the “hot and not” section in Hit, from Melbourne’s Herald Sun. “U2’s Beautiful Day. Joshua Tree + Zooropa = excellent.” Would have been hottest but for the chunky gay bloke who won Survivor.

Chart topper of sorts

Beautiful Day goes to the top already.

Farewell u2v1

So take a good look at v.1, because it’s almost September, which means the all new and all swinging and all innovative new look should be loading in our browser of choice soon… … in the meantime,…

Bono Lose Brain..UH-OH!!!

And in today’s news presented by it has been reported that Bono has had his brain stolen! No clues as to its whereabouts have yet been established. Will this signal the end of Bono’s deep and personal lyric writing?…

Press confusion

But what really amused us this week was the coverage in a Dutch computer magazine (“Computer Idee”). Writing about they say: “U2 live in the studio. Pop group U2, always keen on modern technology, are working on their new…

You love us

From our mailbox: I just came along this site and I want to say that your webcam watch area made me laugh so hard that my side hurts. Good job!!!. Well, thank you, Irma! Elmo says: love you, love your…


Ahhhh yes, I wonder if this so called “nicer” website is perhaps the same “nicer” website that was linked to on August 24?.. I wonder if our mailbag reader is aware of the astonishing U2/Ashcroft NooYawk corrrelation as well?

We’ve got mail

From our, often baffling, mailbox: I love Larry en Bono for a long time. I love now Richard Ashcroft look at his website it is nicer than yours. his music is olso great.let me no. what you think about it….