Showbizireland desperate for a link

Showbizireland seem to be desperate for a link. So here it is. Now stop spamming us please. As for that fine British tabloid ‘the Sun’… only if you ask nicely.

Get your DATS out

Bono in Billboard: “The Edge is very pro-Napster, actually,” Bono says. “He thinks that as long as people are using their computers for music, and not playing mindless games, that’s good.” “My feeling,” he adds, “is that it’s cool for…

The Edge on When I Look at the World

…I see another ‘classic’ U2 song, says Edge: “When I look at the world is a tune that started off like a really heavy full on rock and roll arrangement, It sounded too easy in the end, too predictable for…

Sure, they can dress like

Sure, they can dress like rock stars,… but can them climb like them, too? Check out U2’s latest song, Beautiful Day, rise and fall at’s Modern Rock Tracks chart page.

“This is an idea we

“This is an idea we stole from the Beatles and ummm we’re stealing it again” If you desire you can view RTE’S coverage of the Clarence rooftop performance in streaming Real Video here. It’s at around the 49:00 mark. Achtung!…..Those…

Rare photo

Mr B without his shades. Courtesy of

Cover shoot, continued

When the band asked him for a ‘starker, less ironic, less garish’ image, photographer Anton Corbijn booked a trip to yesteryear. Lisping ‘Get shum shun on your feishe, Lerry’, the tall and famouz snapped the foursome on familiar ground. All…

SPOOF! Not quite… Straight from

SPOOF! Not quite… Straight from the horse’s errr… bad dog’s mouth: “It’s just a Top of the Pops thing… yanno?”. Errr, no, I don’t? Any of you guys have a telly? Zoo TV blasted my mind. “We’re not even playing……

ROOF! U2 will be playing

ROOF! U2 will be playing on the roof of the Clarence Hotel today at 3 pm.


SUMMER RAIN LYRICS When you stop seeing beauty you start growing old the lines on your face are a map to your soul when you stop taking chances you stay were you sit you won’t live any longer but it’ll…