Original Lee

We assume you’ve all heard Bono and The Corrs’ collaborations on Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood’s ‘Summer Wine’. We thought we’d treat you to the original and some background information. Lee Hazlewood was most known as a composer, but he…

Of Corrs you’ll want it

It can’t be avoided, we’re going to have to point you towards the new Corrs ‘Live in Dublin’ release, cause Bono’s on it, and you’re going to want it for Christmas. Or perhaps sooner. Now out on CD.

He said he was an artist…

….but he only painted U2 songs. In BRIGHT. GAUDY. COLOURS. (Love is Blindness) Aussie/Irish ex-pat artist David Egan has put new, bigger samples of his U2-inspired exhibition online (since we last checked, anyway).

Keep dreaming, Peter

Swedish newspaper ‘Aftonbladet’ has a story on Swedish rockstar Peter Stormare and his band Blonde from Fargo who ‘would have’ opened for U2 in Sweden had they toured this summer. Apparently Peter and Bono are ‘good friends’ and had talked…

Madam, I’m Adam

Adam Clayton’s Boudoir is a paper doll game dedicated to the master of style Quick, put some clothes on that man!

In the midnight hour

Ah, we remember it well. U2 at the Point Depot, New Year’s Eve 1989. While the world was glued to the radio (or perhaps they were out on the streets getting hammered), we were counting down with Dave Fanning till…

They’re serious…

Bono, featured in Jim Borgman’s cartoon at the Cincinnati Enquirer today.

Good ‘Evans!

And in further wacky news… let us confuse you today with a story of marriage and belly dancers. We all know that Morleigh Steinberg, the Edge’s wife to be, danced on U2’s Zoo TV tour. You may remember she wasn’t…

Bono backs Buck

‘U2 singer Bono gives evidence at trial of pop star Peter Buck.’ says BBC news. Reuters has photos, mirrored at YouTwo.net. The NME has the full story.

Separated at Birth

Is yous Da Edge?