Separated at Birth


Is yous Da Edge?

Dis be da cova off me new Mista Da Edge video dat iz already havailable or will be havailable soon dependin on wether or not u iz readin dis before when it
is havailable or after it has already become havailable.


It contain a load off
stuff dat was too good for da U2 Helavation DVD, hincludin a bit dat woz cut out of me
Boston gig has I was murderin me helectric guitar.

As well as film of dis (halledged) incident, dere iz also half an our off da Joy of Bonin… no, da Joy of Bono, wif full instrukzions of hadvanced rockstar positionz.

Check dis, dere is also bin some yorkie breakthroughs in science, da disposible mobile phone, 3 blade raza an’ da bitch orgasmatron, hobviously…