Has It Been So Long?

Today (March 24th — sorry if this message finds you late) marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Elevation Tour in Fort Lauderdale, FL. (We’d also be remiss if we didn’t belatedly point out that yesterday was Ali…

U2 @ Work

U2star.com has an item on two Italian fans, Marco Meneghetti and Barbara Stok, both living in Dublin, who saw U2 at their studio on March 18. “We stayed outside the studios until late afternoon, and had the chance to hear…

Bang a Gong

Raking up awards and getting married, that’s what the boys do when they decide not to tour. But we’re not bitter. The band is nominated for 6 ‘gongs’ in the upcoming Hot Press Irish Music Awards, with Bono competing in…

Edge to be Wed

The Sun reports the joyful news The Edge will be getting married to Morleigh Steinberg in June.

Best Wishes

What’s this about THE BEST OF 1990-2000…?

Hey Ho, It’s A Go

U2 will, in fact, be on the forthcoming Ramones tribute album…


Whilst Bono continues to push for the cancellation of third world debt, we present to you the latest range of Pharmaceutical product that will hopefully give the neccessary help to those in need.

Darren Who?

In today’s Melbourne Herald Sun there’s an article about ex Savage Garden, now solo singer, Darren Hayes. If you know the man, you might also know he’s always been a huge U2 fan and has been influenced by Bono in…

Fa-fa-fa fabulous fashion

ShowbizIreland has some pictures of Bono/Ali, Edge/Morleigh at a Fashion Show in Dublin. Gugs is looking the best, though. [ thx Kovax ]

…A Thousand Sombreros?

More photos, this time from Anton Corbijn…