D’ya kiss yer mother with that mouth?

Liam Gallagher – remember when he and Bono played a game of ‘pass the penny’ – lashes out at our lads in a recent Q Magazine interview. If you’re under age, cover your eyes now.

Liam: “Listen, I went to America I had a good time. But if I don’t like something, I’m on the fucking plane. We’re not U2.

With them cunts, it’s all about money. We’re not money orientated. Some cunt fucks me off, I’m going home. Member of my family’s dying, I go home. At the end of the day it’s only music. And I don’t do fucking American tours so some fat yank cunt can make a load of money and I get a few quid in my back pocket. Sorry. And if you won’t have me back next time, then go and suck your cock!

Liam: We’re not U2, INXS or Simple Minds! Those cunts are so in it for
the money they’ll carry on whatever.

[ thx to Ben ]