Rare autographed guitar

update: one of our readers suggests this may be a fake item. She writes: “I’ve watched U2 auctions on eBay for years, and this particular seller has had many many U2 autographed items I thought were of dubious authenticity. Their…

NPR interview

NPR’s Bob Edwards talks with Bono on the phone (and for once he’s given ample time on air) on the results of effective aid. Keep listening to hear a real world example of the dilemmas faced by HIV+ people in…

Best of 1990-2001 release date

atU2.com reports that U2’s new ‘Best of’ UK release is listed for a November 11, 2002 release, and seems to cover 11 years as it’s called “Best of 1990-2001”. update: Universal Austria have told U2tour.de U2 will release a ‘Best…

Daly Mix

John Daly would like to know what you think of his In God’s Country remix (mp3).

We Demand A Recount

New York City rock station KROCK 92.3 recently announced its listener-voted list of The 92 Greatest Bands Of All Time. U2 are number 17, behind such luminaries as… Incubus. *nervous cough*

Just The Facts

Facts and figures about foreign aid…

What’s The Use?

Anthony DeCurtis at Rolling Stone has written the first non-puffy piece about Bono’s trip to Africa that we’ve seen, with some interesting points and some new info…

Celebrity Do-Better

I’m sorry for ranting, but if you were here, you’d be ranting too. That’s Bono, talking to CNN from South Africa this time. CNN are hosting a short transcript of the chat. Scroll down the page to get to it.

Daft without you

Mosy on down to the Remix Pages (check under Battlemixes) for a Daft Punk Vs U2 – With Or Without Da Funk by DJ EZG & DJ008. It’s a sit file, you’ll need to rename it to .mp3. We’re not…

I feel… Edgy.

U2tour.de are offering U2’s Numb video… in Lego. You have to see it to believe it. The 2.7mb avi file required a DivX player.