The Rat Pack is featuring a cool cartoon entitled “The Rat Pack”. Check out their other cartoons as well, like Larry ‘n’ Samantha and a new take on the “Best of” sleeve.

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Anton’s Blue Movie

Ridiculous press quote of the week. The Mirror says U2’s beautiful Anton Corbijn directed promo video for Electrical Storm is a porn flick, “their raciest video ever” which “stars drummer LARRY MULLAN (sic) as a womanising sex maniac”. We’ll leave…


Yes we admit, we’ve made mockery (or should that be moppery) of Bono’s hairline from time to time in the past. From the days of the mullet to the present lack of. It’s all in good fun with no harm…

Three Stooges caught Bono on the town with his two best mates.

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Bono’s itsy bitsy mickey

You think you’ve seen it all, but you haven’t. One of uur readers, “popartist”, pointed us towards Uri Geller’s website where Geller talks about being subjected to Dave Stewart’s latest digital film at the National Film Theatre in London. The…

Dress up your comp‘s prepped some wallpapers for your computer, one for each of the E.S. single formats: single, maxi1, maxi2, dvd-single.

Brother Richard

The Irish Sunday Mirror reflects on the music career of The Edge’s brother Richard (“Dik”) Evans. The article amazingly neglects to mention that he was a founder member and guitarist of the Virgin Prunes for many years, then left the…