U2: Take 3

Although we disagree with their billing it as a possible replacement for missing the Elevation tour, it could be quite interesting. So if you are going to be in the Sacramento, Cal. area, check out Dale Scholl’s Dance/Art Homage to…

Kysela plays U2 in Austria

Leo Kysela, the “shining star” of the Austrian soul and blues scene will be playing U2 songs at various shows in Austria this month. You can hear some examples of his covers on his website. “A voice with an intensity…


Two different patterns to download for Halloween at GoateeStyle.com. (thx Tim)

What’s Italian for Buffalo?

We’ve received word from Italy that the “Best of” is on sale at all shops. ZooItaly.com has more scans for your perusal.

How to be Bono on a $20 budget

So halloween is coming up and you’re not sure what to wear and you’ve blown all your money on the Greatest Hits collection coming out? Jeremy Klaszus at the Calgary Sun has tips on how to be Bono for under…

Eil.com has nothing to hide

Esprit (EIL.com), on line record shop, has full details of U2’s “Best of” DVD up on their site, including all the “hidden” tracks.

U2 move about, no doubt

Adrian Young, drummer of No Doubt believes U2 picked up something from touring with them: “We pick up things from every band we see. I saw Kiss a few years ago, and you could pick up things from that. With…

T-Online/Planet Promotional Clips

German TelCom “T-Online” is offering some U2 promotional clips on their site, while Dutch provider “Planet Internet” has some footage of Anton Corbijn directing the video for Electrical Storm for broadband and dial in modems, though we have not been…

Gone in Mp3 format

If the Quicktime version didn’t satisfy you, you can now grab the mp3 version here.