25 ans d’engagement par Bono

Bono’s written an article for VSD magazine in France. It’s in French. If you can’t read French, you could Babelfish it, but that just makes it worse. Ah well, we’re sure someone will eventually come up with a translation. Scans of the article: 1, 2.
update: translation by Michelle…

At the end of the 70’s, U2 was created.. An adventure, based on friendship and the political utopia, that withstood time. It [Bono] speaks on his role of universal messenger.

It was a beautiful September afternoon 2001, I took a walk in the Venice streets. Absorbed by my walk, I realized that I did not know that much of where I was located. I was lost. I entered in a hotel, smiling at the irony of its name, symbolic of our era and the dream that it embodies: The American. Inside, I requested my way [asked directions]. But no one answered; all were scotch