Edge gets Framed

Edge talks about new Irish bands in the latest Hot Press:

Hot Press: Are any new Irish bands floating your boat at the moment?

Edge: “At the Hot Press Awards there were a couple of bands that I thought were really exciting. You’ll have to help me with the names. I’ve just got a bad memory for names. I haven’t heard any of them on record. One of them reminded me of the early punk days – Undertones, Stiff Little Fingers, that sort of vibe. Real raw stuff, real vitality.”

Hot Press: I wasn’t actually there this year, but I think you’re probably talking about the Revs.

Edge: “Yeah! They were one of the bands. There was another one that was even more interesting though. I can’t remember what they were called but they had a real vibe, a real charisma about them [The band in question was The Frames – OT(the interviewer)]. I think Kila have got something on the traditional front. I haven’t seen them live but I hear that’s quite an experience. I’ve got a couple of their records though.”
[via Emmett]