“See the world in green and blue See China right in front of you See the canyons broken by cloud See the tuna fleets clearing the sea out See the Bedouin fires at night See the oil fields at first…

Strangely familiar image at gigposters.com

Image of a poster available from gigposters.com, spotted by B@rt Mot. Reminds us of an image we made to go with this post in 2001. Which we would show you if we could, but it got lost down under.

Keep The Heat On

Anthony DeCurtis on Bush, Bono, and AIDS budgeting…

U2log.com at pair.com

Congratulations… you are currently on pair.com, the new home and hosts of U2log.com. As you can see, nothing has changed although some comments may have been lost in the transfer.

Hot Press Readers Poll

The annual Hot Press Readers Poll was published on Thursday. U2 were beaten by The Frames for Best Group. Bono won best Male Singer just ahead of newcomer Damien Rice . Electrical Storm was voted best single. U2’s “Best Of”…