46664 – The Concert

Bono, Beyonce, Dave Stewart and The Edge performed ‘American Prayer’ and ‘46664 Long walk to freedom’ at Capetown’s Greenpoint Stadium in South Africa on Saturday. Audio at U2exit.com: American Prayer, 46664, One, Amandla Bono introduced the initiater of the 46664…

A real caricature

The Sunday Mirror’s cartoonist Niall O’Loughlin has painted a new portrait of Bono. You can see it on his website. Some of Niall’s caricature’s of other celebs including The Edge can be found at sale-of-art.com.

Get your U2photos.com

Otto Kitsinger has put U2photos.com back online after a three month break. If you were hoping to buy some of Otto’s great U2 prints, you’re in luck. The store is back online for the Thanksgiving weekend, through Monday, December 1….

Tour Deadlock

Is there dissension among the band regarding the format of the next tour? According to a spy for The Mirror, Bono and Larry want to do a stadium tour, whereas Adam and Edge feel an arena tour would be better….

Restaurateur Bono

Bono is forging more ties to the great city of New York. New York magazine reports that he has purchased Le Zoo, a French bistro, in the West Village and intends to reopen it next year with a new chef.

Chowing with the Clintons

According to Page Six of the New York Post, the entire band was recently spotted in New York’s Harry Cipriani, dining with Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea. Lifepress.com: Photo of Bono at Cipriani

Bono at In America premiere in NY

Bono attended the New York premiere of Jim Sheridan’s “In America” on Monday. Five time Oscar nominee Sheridan’s autobiographical film is getting good reviews and is tipped for a nomimation this year. Jim Sheridan & Bono (Reuters photos) Bono &…

Hearing Voices

“Voices and Poetry of Ireland” is now available for purchase at Amazon.co.uk. A pdf file of extracts from the book can be viewed at the publisher’s web site. For information on the artists contributing to this collection, which benefits Focus…