U2 French Tour 2005

According to a reliable source, three French cities will be visited by U2 in 2005: Paris (Stade de France), Lyon (Stade Gerland), and Marseille (Stade Velodrome). Let’s consider this a rumour until someone official says otherwise. A detailed tour schedule…

Bono to Appear on FOX

The only spinning we like occurs on a turntable. Bono is scheduled to go head to head with spin master Bill O’Reilly on the FOX “news” show The O’Reilly Factor this Wednesday.

U2 album details in Q magazine

Q Magazine has published various details on U2’s upcoming album in their October 2004 issue, due to hit the newsstands in the next few days. Q state that the album is released November 22nd and has eleven tracks of which…

Latin American Release Details

Universal Mexico has confirmed details of U2’s forthcoming releases in Latin America, specifically for the countries of Argentina, Chile, and Mexico. “Vertigo,” the first single from U2’s forthcoming album, is scheduled to be released in Latin America on September 24….


Fresh on UK bookstore shelves today is Neil McCormick’s I Was Bono’s Doppelg

Batty for Theme Song

We are oohing and aahing over the preview for “The Batman,” the new animated series on the WB. See the preview and listen to the musical stylings of The Edge, who supplies the show’s theme song, at http://kidswb.warnerbros.com. (Hint: Choose…

The Perfect Mix

Edge must have been hungry while the band were in the studio working on the new album. He had food on the brain when he sent a postcard to Q magazine, explaining how a great song is like a salad…

Mediterranean Intermission

Silky beaches, warm sun, beautiful people, exquisite food and drink, and rock stars. Holidaying in the South of France at this time of year is where it’s at.

B’s the ticket

It had to happen one day: ‘Not a citizen. Completely ineligible. Better than the alternatives.’ www.bonoforpresident.com

What A Card

Quick, there’s time to squeeze in some Web-zen silliness before the new album comes out! According to The 1980s Tarot, our man Bono is The Ace Of Swords. (Note: This is one of the greatest things we’ve seen on the…