Nov 24, 2004
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The Most Photographic Village Ever

We have given our image discussion group at a new name — The Village — and a new reason to join it: we’ve been adding a lot of photos to the pool for members’ review.

The Village is not only an archive of our and your U2 images, but also a place to discuss them. At The Village, you can find many of the photos that we do not publish with our event reports because of space issues. (At most events, we generally capture more than 200 photos, but publish less than a dozen with the reports.) Our photographer extraordinaire Ruth Barohn has recently added unpublished photos from the Brooklyn show and the K-Rock How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb listening party, contributing editor ~E has added her impressive collection of photos from the PopMart tour, and the other editors have uploaded many photos from their personal collections. Current members of The Village are doing their bit too and sharing their photos.

If you have a particularly spectacular photo of U2 that you would like to share with the U2 fan community or you want to see spectacular photos, register for a free account at and join The Village.

Not yet convinced you should join The Village? Below is just a sample of the photos you can see and discuss when you join.

Holy Hot Bono!
Bono at the K-Rock listening party. Photo ©Ruth Barohn/

The Edge
The Edge at the Brooklyn free concert. Photo ©Ruth Barohn/

Adam Clayton
The absolutely fabulous, good-looking Adam Clayton at the Brooklyn free concert. Photo ©Ruth Barohn/

Bono and Adam Clayton
Bono and Adam Clayton at the Brooklyn free concert. Photo ©Ruth Barohn/

Bono and Adam Clayton
Bono and Adam Clayton at the Brooklyn free concert. Photo ©Ruth Barohn/

The Edge
The Edge at the Brooklyn free concert. Photo ©Ruth Barohn/

Bono's New Mama
Bono and Coretta Scott King, Atlanta, January 2004. Photo ©Ruth Barohn/

Bono & Gavin
Bono and Gavin Friday at the NYC Peter & The Wolf auction at Christie’s, November 2003. Photo ©Chris Conroy/

U2 @ Lansdowne Road, Dublin, 1997
U2 at Lansdowne Road, Dublin, 1997. Photo ©

U2 @ Wembley Stadium, 1997
U2 at Wembley Stadium, London, 1997. Photo ©

If you can’t be bothered to join The Village, keep on an eye on the ever-changing photo on the home page. The photos that appear there are generated from our Flickr account.

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Permanent Hiatus

Thank you for visiting today and your patronage over the last decade. The time has come for us to call it a day. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye and thank you again.

Team U2log
PS, we may not be blogging here, but we're still somewhat active on Twitter and daily links should still appear on this page.

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