U2 rock Cardiff

U2 blow the roof off Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium


State Department Doctors Bono Quote

Cardiff pix

Cardiff 29/6 by James

Dublin I pix

Dublin 24/6 by cvodb

Another U2 iPod Deal

Another deal: refurbished B&W screen U2 iPods are $249 (Click red “Save” at bottom right)

Bag lady

The story of ‘the bag’

Meanwhile in Cardiff…

Wales is having the good weather, but the crowd in the Millennium Stadium won’t be able to enjoy it once inside: the place has a roof. The house lights go down for Starsailor at 4.45pm local time. They seem excited…

Alex & Martin capture U2 at Dublin 3

Fans are curious about the film cameras in place at U2’s Dublin II and III shows. From what we saw, the second night was filmed, with cameras all around the main stage (including a large crane on stage) and shelter…

News from the Cardiff front

U2log.com founder editor ‘Hoppy’ is currently queueing in Cardiff where he says about 100 fans had gathered by noon GMT. Local organisation is, in his words, ‘slack’. Around 4pm fans are upset when half of the original queue sprints towards…

U2: Technical information on Vertigo Tour

Mark Cunningham on Vertigo tour production