Here’s another One

It’s quiet. Oh, so quiet. Time for some music to bridge the gap between Leg 1 and Leg 2 of the Vertigo Tour. Chad Macomber dropped us a line about his cover of ‘One’ which will serve nicely. Check it…

Pepperoni pizza

Buy Sal’s pizza — with pepperoni!

Liam Gallagher calls U2 wankers

Liam Gallagher calls U2 “wankers”

Boston III pics

Boston 28/5, by jjg81

City of Blinding Lumieres also have COBL video

City of Blinding Lights vid

See the new COBL video

Just Can’t Get Enough

Is there such a thing as too much U2? Naaaahhhh, you just can’t get enough! Fill your ears silly with U2 by tuning into WBWC radio’s U2005: The U2 Marathon. Todd Richards and Mary Cipriani will again be hosting 18…

U2 stage being built in Brussels

Reader Bart was kind enough to share with us his pictures of the stage being set up in Brussels Baudouin stadium for U2’s opening concert of their European tour. Are we psyched yet?

Improv everywhere

Theatre group spoof U2 roof top gig