U2 vs Cashman: a witness report

Our old mate Mr Jetlag reports from Dublin Circuit Court where Bono and Larry testified in their case vs stylist Lola Cashman. Their former employee tried to auction off several items she claims were gifts from the band. U2 stopped…

Dublin III pix

Dublin 27/6 by cvodb

U2 vs Cashman

U2 face former stylist in court

U2 iPod Upgraded And Marked Down

iPod U2 now has color screen, price drop to $329

U2 conquer Dublin: ‘Three extraordinary nights’

( Clayton by cvodb/U2log.com) ‘Even with our megalomania, we had never expected these three nights to turn out like they did.’ Near the end of a long, crazy, third Dublin show, Bono thanks the audience for three nights, using his…

Bono on “Meet the Press”

Transcript of Bono’s appearance on “Meet the Press”

Front row center is d place 2 b

We’re not exactly sure who uploaded this pic to our Flickr account, but we suspect that it’s from one of the U2log.com staff in Dublin. Whoever it is has a prime spot for the third and final U2 concert in…

Hampden 21/6 pics

Hampden 21/6 by Murray

Gelsenkirchen 12/6 pics

Gelsenkirchen 12/6 by Matthias M├╝hlbradt/U2005.com

Will They Ever Play Glasto?

Glastonbury organizer “won’t be calling U2” for the next festival