Gothenburg: Amazing and Wet

Our woman in Gothenburg reports the rain starts to come down on Ullevi stadium during ‘One’ and the place lookes amazing as more people than ever hold their cell phone aloft. The band follow up with ‘Rain’ and then leave the stage, as Bono tells the crowd: ‘What an amazing night.’

During With or Without you, Adam stamps his feet in the puddles of water on stage. The surprise of the night comes during The Fly, when Bono flings in a few bars of Billy Boola (in response to a challenge from a fan back at the hotel), only to be topped by none other than… a completely spontaneous Party Girl, during which Bono gets out a bottle of champagne and sprays the audience, like in the good old days. Yahweh is dropped from the set.’s ‘white wave‘ crowd participation plan was a big success. Bono even changed the lyrics to I Will Follow and apparently exclaimed: ‘Oh my God, what have we here?’ The crowd, reportedly ‘laid back and polite’ while queuing turned into a somewhat over excited mob in the front pit, but an awesome audience overall.

Check out Göteborgs-Posten’s fantastic cover shot. Their headline: ‘Bono is King’.