All godlike on stage

Scarlett Johansson bowled over by Bono

Chile Querido

U2 played at Nacional Stadium in Santiago, Chile last Sunday (Feb. 26). The show was so moving that the full band said goodbye at the end of the show, speaking on the microphone one by one. Bono opened a champagne…

Oh, I’m scarleh!

Scarlett. Get it?

Bono wins award for the arts

Bono Receives Pablo Neruda Award in Chile

Band receives AI award

Human rights honour given to U2

Transcript of Bono’s effing NME Award speech

Regular readers may remember an earlier story here on where we said we had learned Bono had recorded a speech to introduce Bob Geldof at the Meteor Awards. It now appears our information was slightly off mark – it…

Angel of Harlem dude

Fan plays Angel of Harlem in Dallas

Goodbye and thanks for all the Bono

Like a fish needs a… Bono?

Bono on Family Guy

… pet peeve: they never get the accent right. Generic ‘Irish’ doesn’t quite fit.

The boys in prime form

YouTube – gavin, guggi, dav-id of the virgin prunes