Star keeps up pressure

He does a little jig

The Observer | World | With Bono the preacher man on his mission to Africa

Under pressure

Bono vows to put pressure on G8


Ali Hewson saves Lesotho textile factory from closure

Ask Bono a question

“Bono, do you sleep?” That’s one question a person who is astonished by Bono’s work has posed to the singer in a blog that Reuters has created about the U2 frontman’s current trip to Africa. Bono is traveling across Africa…

Must-see TV

NBC Nightly News to interview Bono in Africa on May 23

I’m your trailer

Apple – Trailers – Leonard Cohen I’m Your Man – In Theatres June 21st, 2006

Some music for a change

U2 contract demos

Commonly known as Bono

Rock star Bono jets into Rwanda