Daily Digest for December 30th

Shared Twitter / @Adam Levine: Dear U2, Thanks for ….

Daily Digest for December 29th

Shared Photos: Bono’s Boys Go A Busking… – ShowBiz Ireland.

Daily Digest for December 27th

Shared ‘Spider-Man’ Actor Was Fortunate to Survive, Father Says – NYTimes.com. Shared Injured ‘Spider-Man’ actor walking, wants to return – CNN.com.

Sir Bob Geldof Interview on Q

Sir Bob Geldof was the guest recently on the CBC Radio interview show, Q. He talked with host Jian Gomeshi about African aid, LiveAid, Live8, his new album, the sudden death of his sister and a brief story about his…

Daily Digest for December 22nd

Shared Bono and Edge forced to take the train home – Republic of Ireland, Local & National – Belfasttelegraph.co.uk.

Daily Digest for December 21st

Shared Off-the-shelf Dell hardware powers up U2 360 tour – U2, dell – Computerworld. Shared WikiLeaks cable reveals Berlusconi’s efforts to duck Bono tongue-lashing | World news | guardian.co.uk. Shared Oprah Winfrey Offered U2’s Bono a TV Show on OWN…

Daily Digest for December 20th

Shared Interview: Anton Corbijn – The Arts Desk – Arts Reviews, Features and News.

Daily Digest for December 19th

Posted Killing Bono, Opening 2011. Shared U2 rocks 55,000 fans at Patersons Stadium in Subiaco | Perth Now. Shared When love comes to town: An Australian Romance | The Daily Telegraph. Posted ‘End Of Year Party’.

Daily Digest for December 18th

Posted Follow The Shows in Perth. Posted North Star Over Perth.

Daily Digest for December 17th

Shared ‘Spider-Man’ Opening Delayed Yet Again – NYTimes.com. Shared Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark Delayed Yet Again — Vulture.