Trailer: U2 360° At The Rose Bowl DVD has released details on their upcoming ‘At the Rose Bowl’ DVD, directed by – the lovely – Tom Krueger. Shot entirely in HD, the concert was filmed with no less than 27 cameras. They’re competing with fan shot compilation…

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Shared European 360° Tour openers revealed. Shared Little boy from album covers now turning the cameras on U2.

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Shared Rumor: New Songs for U2 360 DVD Buyers.

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Posted Rosebowl DVD in 2010. Shared U2 Live in Pasadena website. Shared Bono visits Kenya to promote “brand Africa”.

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Shared The Guardian: U2’s remix album on the horizon. Shared Liam Gallagher: ‘U2 and Coldplay have no style’. Shared Liam savages U2: ""I have never seen a U2 fan, not ever.".

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Shared TechRadar: Why IE9 is the Bono of browsers.

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