Daily Digest for July 28th

Shared U2.com > Countdown Day 10.

U2 360° Tour Live From Legoland

U2’s 360 Tour recreated in LEGO. (With curiously passive audience.) Via U2france

Daily Digest for July 25th

Shared U2 reworking hits with Blackstreet member | Sean Michaels | Music …. Shared Photos: Always eager to extend… a friendly Claw in Turin. Shared Paul McGuinness on Music Piracy.

Daily Digest for July 23rd

Shared Gibson Guitars and U2’s The Edge: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Boy. Shared U2’s Spider-Man Musical Gets Back on Track | Rolling Stone Music.

Daily Digest for July 17th

Shared The Celebrity 100 – #7 U2 – Forbes.com. Shared To boost performance, connect with the core – Connecting U2 | Leader To Leader Journal. Shared U2 are highest-earning band in the world – Telegraph.

Daily Digest for July 16th

Posted Artificial Horizon and Crap Service from Fanfire.. Shared A temple framed by nature and rock ‘n roll -The Globe and Mail:. Shared In the Kitchen at Parties.

Daily Digest for July 14th

Shared U2.com announces North American Tour 2011: Rescheduled Dates. Shared U2, David Bowie, Bob Dylan: Reliving Live Aid In Photos. Shared Telegraph: Live Aid wasn’t a fantastic concert. But it didn’t need to be ….

Daily Digest for July 13th

Shared Peter Rowen: From U2 “Boy” Wonder to Picture Perfect. Shared Bono on Live Aid 25 Podcast. Bono on Live Aid 25 Podcast Shared The Live Aid 25 Podcast – Bono’s memories of Live Aid | Absolute Radio.

Daily Digest for July 8th

Shared U2 360 Istanbul tickets.