Daily Digest for August 30th

Shared ‘Killing Bono’-DVD erscheint heute. ‘Killing Bono’-DVD erscheint heute Posted Like A Video: Sunday Bloody Sunday, Live at the Rose Bowl. Posted Introducing Our Newest Feature: Like a Video.

Daily Digest for August 29th

Posted Poll Results: Almost 75% of U2 fans would want to see Spider-Man on Broadway.

Daily Digest for August 28th

Posted Le rap de Bono sur Moment of Surrender. Posted ‘Mission Accomplie, Capitaine’ (fin). Posted Column: off the record…, vol. 11-477.

Daily Digest for August 27th

Posted Le guitariste de U2 veut son complexe à Malibu.

Daily Digest for August 26th

Posted L’histoire des clips de U2, 1er partie.

Daily Digest for August 25th

Posted Podcast U2 France – Best of 360° Tour.

Daily Digest for August 24th

Posted The Fly. Posted Until The End Of The World.

Daily Digest for August 23rd

Posted U2log: Glasvegas recording U2 cover for special reissue of Achtung Baby http://t.co/CMoK3Kl. Posted U2log: @atu2 Have heard rumour Coldplay is doing one too. Nothing in print though.. Posted U2log: @atu2 🙂 ‘s not in the box set, afaik. Think…

Daily Digest for August 22nd

Posted Un livre pour célébrer les 25 ans de l’émission ‘Oprah’ cet automne. Posted Bono OK After Chest Pain Scare. Posted Julian Lennon: Bono’s Chest Pain Scare is False Alarm. Posted U2log: [Irish Independent] Bono brought to hospital over chest…

Daily Digest for August 20th

Posted U2log: It’s a Gav and Guggi interview, but contains a fair bit of U2 history as well: http://t.co/pCpyUqR. Posted U2log: That was the iTunes link, you can also hear it on the RTE site: http://t.co/nTkK8AP. Posted Vintage U2.