Daily Digest for July 31st

Posted Festival d’Avignon, les people adorent. Posted Danny Boyle enflamme les JO avec sa compile brit….

Daily Digest for July 30th

Posted Column: off the record…, vol. 12-525. Posted Achtoon Baby: Questioning U2’s Work Ethic (part 2).

Daily Digest for July 29th

Posted New ‘Streets’ Remix Featured on Summer Olympics Album.

Daily Digest for July 28th

Posted U2log: #RTE #U2 Archives direct link: http://t.co/zz1hWry1. Posted ‘Attention housemates, this is Bono’ U2 front man makes guest appearance on Big Brother Africa. Posted Bono de U2 fait une apparition surprise dans Big Brother Africa. Posted U2 Featured in…

Daily Digest for July 27th

Posted Like a Video: Walk On, The Story of Aung San Suu Kyi. Posted U2log: RTE opens up archives incl. U2 for 50th birthday: http://t.co/unXSXMvd /via @U2place.

Daily Digest for July 25th

Posted Bono Appears on Big Brother Africa.

Daily Digest for July 24th

Posted Column: off the record…, vol. 12-524.

Daily Digest for July 20th

Posted U22 Lyrics Now Available. Posted Pleine lune.

Daily Digest for July 19th

Posted U2 Lists: Top 12 Songs For Summer Travel. Posted Jennifer Lopez wants Bono on Idol. Posted Jennifer Lopez veut Bono Pour American Idol.

Daily Digest for July 16th

Posted U2log: RT @U2roeli: 23y old Bono & Gay Byrne talking about New Year’s Day video, playing Dandelion market + introduction of very young Ali …. Posted Column: off the record…, vol. 12-523.