Daily Digest for August 31st

Shared ‘Anton Corbijn Inside Out’ auf DVD und Blu-ray – die Gewinner. ‘Anton Corbijn Inside Out’ auf DVD und Blu-ray – die Gewinner Posted Anton Corbijn Inside Out.

Daily Digest for August 30th

Posted Envie d’un beau-livre sur U2 ?. Posted Bono U2 La Petite Maison Cannes. Posted The 30 Richest Drummers in the World. Posted Les 30 batteurs les plus riches au monde. Posted U2log: http://t.co/eaWF1Ehy Bono on Anton Corbijn: "Another kind…

Daily Digest for August 29th

Posted Music Monday Really Randoms: U2, Nick Moss, The Baseball Project, Ben Folds 5. Posted Mon iPod en mode aléatoire : U2, Nick Moss, The Baseball Project, Ben Folds 5.

Daily Digest for August 27th

Posted Column: off the record…, vol. 12-529. Posted Poll Results: U2 Fans Expect 2-3 More Studio Albums.

Daily Digest for August 26th

Posted With or without you pour… amateurs de techno. Posted Matthew impresses on Broadway. Posted Le nouveau Peter Parker de "Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark". Posted Bono says he Got Under Sinatra’s Skin. Posted Bono a un peu enervé Sinatra.

Daily Digest for August 25th

Posted Bono et ONE saluent la décision de la SEC : « La transparence est le meilleur vaccin contre la corruption ».

Daily Digest for August 24th

Posted U2 New Album Expected For 2013 And Is Sounding Quite Different Says U2 Insider, Gavin Friday. Posted Le nouvel album de U2… ce qu’en dit Gavin Friday.

Daily Digest for August 23rd

Shared Bono als Überraschungsgast bei Herbert Grönemeyer. Bono als Überraschungsgast bei Herbert Grönemeyer Posted Bono Sings with Gronemeyer in Germany.

Daily Digest for August 22nd

Posted Bono de U2 chercherait-il à éclipser le soleil ?.

Daily Digest for August 21st

Posted U2log: Bono likes his wine: http://t.co/00Fc6Olh via @youtube. Posted U2log: Sing-along with Bono and Edge : http://t.co/h75DiqA9 via @youtube. Posted Bono & Edge take the stage … err, table … in St. Tropez. Posted Muse: ‘New album The 2nd…