What is U2log.com?

U2log.com is an independent weblog about the Irish band U2. We are not affiliated with U2, Island, Interscope, Universal or Principle Management.

How can I contact U2log.com?

Use the mail form on our contact page.

How did U2log.com come about?

U2log.com was originally set up as a ‘webcam watch’ when U2 were recording All that you can’t leave behind in their Dublin studio.

Four of U2log.com’s editors have roots in IRC ‘chat’. We met on (channel) #U2 as far back as 1997. When U2 set up their first webcam, during the recording of Pop, we were among the few people to watch it. Religiously. We still watch, but we’re looking at the bigger picture now.

Can you help me?

Get in touch with U2? Probably not. Anything else, drop us an e-mail!


U2log.com is a site run by fans and for fans. Although we try to verify the accuracy of our reported information we do not make warranty as to the correctness or reliability of our content. We occasionally publish rumours and conjecture. We link to content on other sites and may quote from their material. U2log.com is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Email sent to U2log.com is considered our property and is regarded as available for publication. Should you wish to remain anonymous, or do not want your information made available, please advise us in advance.

Von B Press

U2log.com is part of the Von B Press emporium which also includes the community weblog Whedonesque.com (discussing the work of tv and filmmaker Joss Whedon), and the official Virgin Prunes, and Gavin Friday websites.

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