Sir Bob Geldof Interview on Q

Sir Bob Geldof was the guest recently on the CBC Radio interview show, Q. He talked with host Jian Gomeshi about African aid, LiveAid, Live8, his new album, the sudden death of his sister and a brief story about his…

Adam talks new songs/album to

Hat tip: @u2miracle Adam’s been talking to about recording ‘quite a lot of tunes’ during Bono’s recovery and ‘tossing a few out into the show’ (‘We could get four songs into the show’). On a new album: ‘We’re kind…

U2’s tour director talks about 360 tour 2009-2010

U2’s Clooney-esque tour director Craig Evans talks to Dublin FM104 News about the scope of the stage and the 360 tour, revealing that it is currently planned to last some 18 months, well into 2010. (via

Pre-show interview on France 2 television

Shortly before their July 11 show in Paris, U2 talked to the France 2 television station: “It was always about getting closer to our audience.”