… or the original you’re talking about? “It’s basically The Edge’s guitar with a preacher-type vocal over the top.” Dance producers Moose and Jamie White discuss the finer details of their ‘Musique” New Year’s Day remix in the NME.

New album tracklisting

From Beautiful Day Elevation Walk On Stuck in a moment Peace on Earth Kite New York In a little while Wild Honey When I look at the world Grace The first single will be released October 9th, in 2…

Great timing, sir

Partially-sighted 73-year-old Reg Cooper releases his debut single Beautiful Day from a forthcoming album next week. Eh?

Buy U2, feel good

U2 items are being auctioned off for Amnesty International in a combined AI/fans effort. Get those ‘U2 best of’ promotional dogtags!

Beautiful Day single Ttracklisting

European singles: Beautiful Day CD1: 1. Beautiful Day 2. Summer Rain (non-album track) 3. Always (non-album track) Beautiful Day CD2: 1. Beautiful Day 2. Discothè±µe (live from Mexico City) 3. If You Wear That Velvet Dress (live from Mexico City)…

Buena vista Irish club

Here’s the sleeve of ‘Hasta la vista, baby’ – the upcoming ‘fanclub only’ live release”