My my, haven’t we come

My my, haven’t we come a long way. Many many moons ago, when we were still in the IRC stone age, the whispered words “peep peep” could be heard, followed by a devastating WOOSH. Long story, it really isnt that funny, and totally unrelated to U2, other than that it was said on a channel devoted to U2 on IRCnet (I think, or was it still Efnet back then?)

This is frightening, this is scary. Caz says: “Im not a U2 fan” but the invitation to join this blog sure had her name on it. Whats up with that anyhow?!

Upon checking the domain registration for, I’ve become a little confuzzled. Caz has gone Tucows?

I just passed the studio. All smooth like. Conor laughs at me when I say “Oh, Im just going to peek” so instead I said “Im just going to move the car so I can see it.” Aint I clever? I always feel a bit awkward going there, so I generally dont, unless mad U2 fan people that I know from IRC years ago decide to come to Dublin, like next month. It feels weird, like, intrusion… Or something like that. There were some folks there. Im thinking it would be kind of cool to go there with a laptop and wireless modem, but… I dont have a wireless modem… or a laptop for that matter. But it would be cool anyway.

First post to this blog First post to any blog. Took me a while to figure out what to do but ben says: “blogger is dead easy – even i can work it 😉 – and i am an html retard” Okay then, whatever you say ben. Skippy, hoppy, whatever 😛 If *HE* can do it so will *I*, even if it takes me all night (admittedly, it took me about 5 minutes – I like!)

Will caz kill me? The mind bloggles.