A couple of years back my brother got me into listening to U2. Bad move. Though I think my mum rather enjoyed the fact that I was into U2, rather than Metallica (boo!) or Iron Maiden or any real loud bands, it had quite a few complications in the end. U2 created my interest in Ireland and after a few years of being U2-ish person (I SO am not a fan) I now find myself living in Ireland for the past 3 years. Of course, when people here ask me why I moved to Ireland, I usually brush it off with “It seemed like a good idea” when the truth it I had an interest in Ireland thanks to the couch potatoes, a job I didnt like, a city I didnt like, all kind of responsibilities I didnt like, etc. “It seemed like a good idea” sounds a bit better and might, at least, amuse a few people.

It is funny, how, three years later, you can find yourself in a similar situation. Dublin no longer holds that appeal to me that it did 4-5 years ago, when I came over for the first time. In fact, it’s rather started to piss me off. It is funny how cities always seem more interesting through a tourist’s eyes. Amsterdam has become appealing again, since I became that tourist again, whereas Dublin has become a dull, grey, ever under construction, overpriced hellhole. Perhaps this is what they call one of those days. Good thing it’s friday.
</rant mode off>