Slapping ourselves on the back

Yes we ARE the original slappers. In our mailbox today the anonymous yet immortal words:

Your site looks great-bright and fresh looking whereas the official U2 micro site is an ugly little thing.

Thank you!

That isn’t to say we don’t appreciate Honest opinion: we like the austere grey design – it’s very Naughties and all that. If they’d added a dash of orange they’d been even more on the spot. We’ve got some usability gripes – on a fast machine, the roll down menu is smooth… on my Celeron 450 however it is sluggish. And there be a lot of clicking to and fro to be done if you want to keep an eye on everything, and that’s not helpful.

Some people have commented that the site is ‘pushing design limits’ using ‘cutting edge technology’. Hmm. I guess they haven’t seen a lot of state of the art design – we suggest spending some time at and following the links from there.

The point is, is a site that should cater for all users. Even the ones in the on line version of Outer Mongolia. Especially if the object of the operation is to become the focus point for all fans. Of course, we have no idea what’s going to replace this ‘micro site’ in September. It may well be Jakob Nielsen’s bastard child. Until then, huit points for design, quatre for usability.