It adds up

From the “hot and not” section in Hit, from Melbourne’s Herald Sun.
U2’s Beautiful Day. Joshua Tree + Zooropa = excellent.”
Would have been hottest but for the chunky gay bloke who won Survivor.

Bono Lose Brain..UH-OH!!!

And in today’s news presented by it has been reported that Bono has had his brain stolen! No clues as to its whereabouts have yet been established. Will this signal the end of Bono’s deep and personal lyric writing? Will they now resort to cliched love songs inspired by Celine Dion?

Please if anyone knows the wherabouts of Bono’s brain please mail it to:

….Did you perhaps look in your laptop case Bono?

Press confusion

But what really amused us this week was the coverage in a Dutch computer magazine (“Computer Idee”). Writing about they say: “U2 live in the studio. Pop group U2, always keen on modern technology, are working on their new album which will be released in October. Their struggle in the studio can be followed live (with one day’s worth of delay, for censuring) via a webcam. On the site, fans can give their opinion about the studio’s interior design, drool over drummer Larry Mullen’s sweet baby, or chat with the band. But the most important reason to visit the website is that you can listen to the new single. Legally! is also reviewed in another section of the magazine. Here they praise the official site for making the new single available in mp3… And what to make of their description of the webcam: ‘Unfortunately, the images were delayed for 24 hours. The Irish heros wanted to be able to censure things. That is understandable. It would be commercial suicide to broadcast the music recordings live, and the internal struggles are nobody’s business….

HELLO? We wonder what these ‘journalists’ have for lunch.

You love us

From our mailbox: I just came along this site and I want to say that your webcam watch area made me laugh so hard that my side hurts. Good job!!!. Well, thank you, Irma!

Elmo says: love you, love your log. and, love you too. erm, U2.

Mirjam: Hi! I like this U2 site very much! Thanks for the download of Beautiful day. I was a little worried if I would like the song, but as always, It’s great! Greetings from Holland!

Just wanted to let you know that you have a fantastic site. Love the design. Keep up the good work. Peace. Webmaster From U2 To Eternity

Dear Bono, When are you comming to visit The Netherlands (holland) ? And one more thing: Whit or whitout U is the best song there is !!!! Greetingzzz from Holland

And apparently there’s a bit about Bono (Bono meets the Pope and spills the beans on Jubilee 2000) at Dazed & Confused – once you work your way through the Mystery Meat Navigation…

We’ve got mail

From our, often baffling, mailbox: I love Larry en Bono for a long time. I love now Richard Ashcroft look at his website it is nicer than yours. his music is olso great.let me no. what you think about it. the website is not finished yet. bey from holland. me end mij onforgettable fire!

An URL would have been handy so we could check out your, no doubt astonishing, website.