Bono’s under construction

… or so himself and the Larry-man goof off on their official website.
Go check it out. (Streaming Quicktime video – because it’s the standard, man. Um….)

By the way, this was the e-mail from, as it arrived in our mailbox…

Dear U2 fan,, official home of U2 on the net, is set to air an exclusive mini-video in which Larry and Bono introduce you to

The band are finishing work on their tenth studio album and also shooting a video for the forthcoming first single, Beautifull Day; you can still here a sounclip from the song on the site.

As new material is completed, expect more exclusives in the coming days and weeks. Later next month our present studio home for bites the dust as we launch a brand new site with a host of exclusive features. Watch this space for news.

Meanwhile, visit at today and be the first to see the global debut of an exclusive message from Lary and Bono.

Best wishes

We wonder who this Lary person is in the video. He’s so beautifull.