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As you can see we’ve put a mud pack on, scrubbed and went for a face lift, taking advantage of the full width of your browser of preference. No more cams, so we have to find some other way to entertain you. You’ll find a number of new options in the menu that don’t work yet. But not to worry, they will soon. We’ll be showing off our ‘Mother Records’ collection – the record company U2 set up in the late 80s, to stimulate the Irish music scene. Not the most successful venture the boys ever started, but the record company is still out there, publishing the likes of Bjork and, wait for it, Tanita Tikaram.

Our collection is from the early years with names such as the Hothouse Flowers, Cactus World News and In Tua Nua on the roster. We’ll be scanning sleeves and making sound samples – so bookmark this site and return to watch the progress.