So long and thanks…

for all the fish. After 8 years in the biz, Tosca, Norman Hewson’s Italian eatery on Suffolk Street in Dublin is no more. Bono’s big brother will be devoting his time to his new healthfood venture, ‘Nude‘.

We remember the ‘salty fish’ dish. It was inedible.
We asked ‘Is it meant to be this salty?’
They said ‘Yes’.
We stopped eating.

But the minestrone was lovely. Though perhaps a tad salty as well. We hadn’t been there in a while, but we’ll miss Aonghus (the cook) and Norman (the hovering boss) and the little tables in the window where you could be ‘seen’. And watching some people charge their bills to ‘PM’.

Nude‘ has tasty snacks and smoothie drinks, but scores low on the ‘intimate’ scale.