Press confusion

But what really amused us this week was the coverage in a Dutch computer magazine (“Computer Idee”). Writing about they say: “U2 live in the studio. Pop group U2, always keen on modern technology, are working on their new album which will be released in October. Their struggle in the studio can be followed live (with one day’s worth of delay, for censuring) via a webcam. On the site, fans can give their opinion about the studio’s interior design, drool over drummer Larry Mullen’s sweet baby, or chat with the band. But the most important reason to visit the website is that you can listen to the new single. Legally! is also reviewed in another section of the magazine. Here they praise the official site for making the new single available in mp3… And what to make of their description of the webcam: ‘Unfortunately, the images were delayed for 24 hours. The Irish heros wanted to be able to censure things. That is understandable. It would be commercial suicide to broadcast the music recordings live, and the internal struggles are nobody’s business….

HELLO? We wonder what these ‘journalists’ have for lunch.