You love us

From our mailbox: I just came along this site and I want to say that your webcam watch area made me laugh so hard that my side hurts. Good job!!!. Well, thank you, Irma!

Elmo says: love you, love your log. and, love you too. erm, U2.

Mirjam: Hi! I like this U2 site very much! Thanks for the download of Beautiful day. I was a little worried if I would like the song, but as always, It’s great! Greetings from Holland!

Just wanted to let you know that you have a fantastic site. Love the design. Keep up the good work. Peace. Webmaster From U2 To Eternity

Dear Bono, When are you comming to visit The Netherlands (holland) ? And one more thing: Whit or whitout U is the best song there is !!!! Greetingzzz from Holland

And apparently there’s a bit about Bono (Bono meets the Pope and spills the beans on Jubilee 2000) at Dazed & Confused – once you work your way through the Mystery Meat Navigation…