A new pair of eyes at U2log.com

Hi guys! Another pair of eyes have arrived….Thanks for inviting me! And with these eyes, I see that that little square table over there….really needs to be cleaned up. Come on, just because you’re a big rock star, and you make alot of money, doesn’t mean you have to be a slob. Do you suppose there’s even a top to that table? 😉

Beautiful snippet repost

Well, here it is, 30 seconds of the new single ‘Beautiful Day’ which won’t be out till September. (300k .mov file)
For those of you without Quicktime, here’s it is in mp3.
And if you can’t handle that either, how about Real Audio?

If you want to get it from the source, hop over to U2.com, go to the Green Room and click on the guitar.

When you’ve got it… poll it. Or discuss it in our forum.