Still Crazy, mail from our readers

Stefano gushes: hi guys, I’m am 38 years old, so one of oldest u2 fan. i saw them in milan first time on february 1985. i should have more send but i still go crazy about those four men. i want their new album!!! just to edge: i got vox ac30 like you, do you wann jam with me. by everybody and wait!!!

Annette asks: You’re doing great guys. But one question, I’ve heard maybe you’re coming to Groningen(The Netherlands) next year. Is that true and what is the exact date?

Ah… we don’t think we’re the guys you mean.

Diego states: Por favor quisiera mantenerme en contacto a todos los que les guste U2, espero recibir sus e-mail.

Um… si?

U2one flatters: u2’s beautiful day single is now for sale on ebay!!!!! check it out
love web page!!!!!!keep up the work!!

We will!!!!!!

and finally,

Monique wonders: I want to be a member of the u2 fanclub, but I
don’t now where I must sign in.

Neither do we, Monique, be sure to let us know when you find out!