Posting this much stuff from our mailbox seems a tad indulgent but hey, when people start asking…

marco writes: your great, guys! I’m gonna get conscripted, but I will always find the way to surf your site. Please, show this message!!

Sorry, no can do.

And from elmo: what’s with the treasure hunt? you are doing such a good job at fooling the punters into thinking this is the official site, excceeeelent!

Ta elmo, but we must point out we’ve never set out to deceive! P.S. Come back next week when we auction off Bono’s now-famous metal detector. It beeps!

And one for the road, from Loek:
Is there a possibility that you mention the Dutch fanclub on your site? On the 29th of oct, we organise a fanclubmeeting in the Netherlands. Maybe you can mention this event on your site. With regards.

No worries mate.