New clothes, same emperor

We’re not happy with this fancy DHTML stuff, and the grey… well… it’s a bit gloomy, innit?
“I know… let’s make it blue and let’s change the fancy DHTML to fancy FLASH, cause then it will be… um… flashy!”
Um… if you say so. (whisper aside: What’s flash???)
“By the way, we’re keeping the font sizes tiny. Cause that’s cool.”
Um… ok, but… where do I download that ‘Flash’ plug in thingy?
“All the fans have it. Don’t worry. This will keep them happy and they won’t notice that we are WAY over the deadline with the all singing all dancing NON-temporary site.”
Um, how far are you, anyway?
“Aaaaalmost done. We’re just, um, sorting through the suggestions that the fans sent in. Too bad we didn’t ask for these um… last year? Some of these are amaaaaazing. Like someone has the gall to talk about ‘usability’. I mean, WHAT are these U2 fans on?”

But seriously, folks… the good point: no more teensy weensy obnoxious scrollbars to read the text, and the overall navigation has definitely improved.