No one is blinder

… than he, who cannot see. On line music magazine music365 reports:

A U2 fan site is reported to have obtained the video after it aired on Dutch television on Thursday (September 7), ahead of its official release date. The video, directed by Swedish director Jonas Ackerlund, is said to be a beautifully understated promo, which features Bono chasing cars outside the airport, mingling with travellers on crowded walkways and falling onto a luggage conveyor belt. However, doubts have been cast on the veracity of these rumours, as exhaustive trawls of popular U2 websites have failed to uncover any trace of the video.

With links from most major U2 news sites, how could they have missed it?

Jonas Akerlund, the video’s director, says in Aftonbladet: “They came to my home first and later to my office. In the evening we went out on dinner. It’s just one of those things they do. Go all the way to Sweden to see the video getting the last cuts. No other artist in the world would do that. ” Jonas… most artists are control freaks. And then there’s U2.