AWWW SHUCKS We haven’t done

We haven’t done reader e-mail for a while, so here’s a selection from the last few days:

John writes, and we blush:
Fantastic site…
Activity…I’m sure
User friendly…check
Quality Links….Check!!
Thanks for all the e-stuff!!

Christina says:
Hi! I like your site a lot. I come to it at least a few times a day. I was wondering where you got the other e-card with with Grace? Thank you and keep up the wonderful job!

The Grace e-card is off the Interscope site, Christina. And I guess we better update some more if you’re going to be here a few times a day!

Joao Paulo writes:
hey please.My english is very poor..but I need to Know a thing..there’s a file circulating by the napster with the name walk on…But sure it’s not the walk on of the ATYCLB…but, I got the music anywhere…it sounds great…and the voice of vocalist is the same Voice of Bono…I’m in doubt..I don’t know what do do..the file is easy to find…the lenght of the music is about 4:24…128 kbps…

Joao, the clips you are hearing are either off the Achtung Baby outtakes, or they’re other bands. So far there’s no full tracks to find on Napster.

Also, Celeste writes:
Este site es estupendo!! gracias por el esfuerzo y la dedicacion.

To which we can only respond: ‘Muchas gracias’.

And finally, Daniel just says:
i like u2 very much

I guess we do too.