(We may be kid a-ing)

Picked up a copy of Radiohead’s Kid A yesterday and, after recovering from the experience, I listened a second time. Was that the word “Liffey” I heard? The wonderful How to disappear completely is obviously about Bono, just as REM’s Walk Unafraid was supposed to be.
Check out some lyric samples.
That man, that’s not me
Bono denies his “mullet” phase.
I go where I please
I walk through walls
Float down the Liffey

Bono’s marine kleptomania is well documented… he may as well do it on familiar waters.
You throw me out then send me back again
Bono has to reinvent himself as the Fly, and we love him again.
In a little while I’ll be gone
This clearly references two U2 songs.
The moment’s already passed
Yeah, it’s gone
Yeah, it’s gone
Yeah, it’s gone

Yes Thom, but will you be up with the sun?
Strobe lights and blown speakers
Wasn’t Popmart bright and loud? Eh?

Thanks to the excellent for the lyrics. Thom Yorke is quoted there saying the song is actually based on a dream he had. Yeh, sure. And no, just because the title is How to disappear completely and has a Dublin reference, it is NOT about B*Witched.