RACE AGAINST TIME Netscape users

Netscape users may have noticed some odd looking design on these pages. Fear not, the problems have now been solved.

This means we managed to beat U2.com to solving Netscape related aggro. If you want to see the new U2.com site with Netscape (and we know you want to!) – you will have to use this backdoor entry to the site. You won’t be able to see the Flash intro, which is.. um, flashy, and intro-ey.

(If you try surfing to www.U2.com you will be redirected to mini.U2.com and see the old ‘temporary’ site. If you try it without the www, just U2.com… you won’t see anything.)

Tip: Netscape users who want to see the Flash intro anyway can try downloading it here and play it from your harddisk.