U2.com DISCUSSION Over at community

Over at community blog “Metafilter” there’s a discussion going on regarding the new U2.com. For those of you who don’t know, k10k.net and Kioken are highly regarded in webdesign circles, and much imitated. We have lost count of the sites who ripped off the famous k10k buttons. We do think ‘Magic Minds’ who seem to have designed the U2.com site were, let’s say, ‘influenced’ by these two cutting edge design megas. And that’s not cool. Not that we here at U2log.com are particularly innovative when it comes to our look – which is of course highly derivative of U2’s current promo art work. But we think that if U2 are paying people to build their site they deserve something original. Otherwise we’re happy with U2.com. At least its there!