He’s in fashion

Greek website thea.gr publishes an article called ‘Steal the… Bono look’, which was translated for us by Dimitris:

“Here is Mr Bono Vox or Paul Hewson- as written in his passport. Bono had get us used, when we were still young, in tone on tone or totally black look. The major element of his look, after “Achtung Baby” and “The fly” is his bulky but still nice glasses. This Year, when black is so trendy, (Armani, Costume National, YSL)as well as thr graffiti on t-shirts (Gaultier, Moschino), we could not help making a special reference to the “Bull with the black”. Bono says ” I don’t find some special gift on being a pop star. It is not always easy to cope with what people demand, and thus playing the role of the pop star.” Despite this, the sexy hitech Irish, adjusts himself to fashion, accordingly mixes his voice and performs shows which satisfy the demands of his fan club, consisting of millions of youngsters (that usually reach the age of 40. At least 40…)
He is the singer of the most selling band in the last 20 years. U2 are part of the pop culture, already from “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, a song that is always performed in their concerts. Bono himself lately avoids total black and, when in big music events (i.e. Grammy) appears wearing noir pinstriped suits Boggy style or one-coloured (always with extremely long sleeves), in concerts selects more “rock dressings” like jeans and eccentric t-shirts. And when in luxury occasions wears his transparent/red square glasses with the black frame, in concerts he prefers the full-red. Also leather (the leading guy every winter) is the top-tip of his look, together with his glasses. Don’t mention the fact that he never attempts strange stylistic cocktails, with the danger of humiliation. Steal him. No preverts!

We’re not sure what preverts are…